Japanese girls walking in public completely naked

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Added 4 years ago
Anonymous - 6 months ago

Age is catching up with Ivy Lai the bitch. She is getting cheaper and cheaper now.

Dawn - 1 year ago

Ivy Lai is sex crazy.

Nickname - 1 year ago

Who is this Ivy Kai Kuantan? Is she a prostitute in Kuantan or a porn actress. I would like to find her. Is she for sale? How much?

Ivy Lai - 1 year ago

That slut Ivy Lai is only good to sell her into sex-slavery in Golok. Malay call her Ayam and Chinese call her Kai. We call her naked chicken for cheap sale

Ivy Lai Camry - 1 year ago

Ivy Lai, she suck and fuck for a Camry car. Was broke when her wine shop went bankrupt. She has to work for Ah Long to pay her debts and they sold her each night at Cherating KTV. She even sold her underwear for $250/= and they make her suck all night naked on the coffee table for just $50/= each person in KTV room. Once she was so drunk, they left with her clothes leaving her naked in The Moon, looking for her clothes when she wakes up.